Wednesday, June 3, 2015

What is cyber love?

What is cyber love?

 Based on what we have discuss , cyber love known as online relationship and also online digital dating relationship. because it happened in cyber world. Cyber love includes relationship build up through online, it can be msn , facebook , friendster and any website online dating.

 "Cyber dating,cyber love...most people may feel so fresh with these terms.A guy "meets" a girl in a chatting room;they find out that they have so much in common. And from all the chatting and meeting online, all of a sudden they discover that they cannot sleep tight anymore without saying good night to their cyber lovers. " This is one of the definition from my friends.

 As we all know,the feeling of love always comes out when you attract to someone and maybe you found someone who having same interest,hobbies with you. So, it can happened thru online, then come out with cyber love. It always comes out after couples month online chatting. Actually,cyber love is another kind of relationship. But yet, there are still many people do not agree with cyber love which they give the reasons that cyber love is unreal. Especially parents , they are scared their children can be cheated, which always come out in the headline of newspaper. For example, "My girl naked photos been posted youtube by her online boyfriend", " My cyber partner cheat thousands of my money" ..... 

But, if we changed our point of views, is that reality love happened the same things ? Perhaps the answer is yes. But why, there are still so many people misunderstood about cyber love ? Can't cyber love is also a romantic relationship ?

I guess through this passage and discussion below, you all able to understand what is the meaning of cyber love. And , another discussions topics about cyber love will be continue by the next post.

Here are some comments about cyber love from others website.
"cyber love is a good thing. now a days we talk and listen a lot about globalization, global village, etc etc. but cyber space is the only place where real globalization really exists. and cyber love is the best outcome of it, i guess. and what is love? love is an interaction of attraction, faith and dependence. then if it comes through fiber optics or radio links, i see nothing wrong, naturaly."

"Cyber love is the road less taken, what comes after is never clear, but through the internet, people are shielded from the face-to-face interactions, body language, etc. People may feel a lot more comfortable chatting through words and protected by the computer screen, thus be able to express their truest side. I cannot say I believe or not on online relationships, but I have a friend who is currently doing so."

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