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Based from previous discussions topics , i guess you all already know that what is mean by cyber love, right ? SO now we are goin to discuss about what are the differences between cyber love and reality love .

 First of all, we talk about definition, cyber love. Cyber love is another kind of relationships which formed through online, or we say cyber world. In contrast, reality love is a normal kind of relationships which formed in reality world. Why we always conclude that reality love is normal relationship and cyber love is another type of relationship because there are differences between both relationships.

 Reality love, is where u met ur partner in reality world, which we always said as "true love". In reality love, your partner is real , he/she will live together with you, means you two dating, watch movie , hanging out and etc (any action/activities in a relationships). It also mean, the couples can meet with their partner more frequently and they are more intimate relationships. And, you can always see your partner's face, the most importants is you can touch him/her. Then you will bring he/she out to lunch , to meet friends . This kind of relationships always linked from stage of being friends first , after that become closer and closer , in the end the feelings of love is confessed out. Then, only comes out with words girlfriend or boyfriend. It's so real, and there are many process being gone through before formed out the relationship. And this is what we called "reality love". These processes can be lots of communication, chatting, hanging out together, sms, phone calling and etc.... At last, i think i had already clearly describe out what is reality love.

 Now, let's talk about cyber love. The differences between cyber love and reality love are the process and ways to begin the relationships. It is something like you know your partner through online, and friend-making websites, chatting rooms, or any website to know more friends. Firstly, you sign in the chatting rooms then you found someone very similar to you, having same hobbies with you, he/she can makes you laugh, and it's interesting and attractiving to chat with that person. Later, you feels like you hope to chat with him/her everyday, you feels like you likes that person and that person feels so. After that, that person or you suddenly confessed and said "lets's become partner and in a relationship". This is cyber love. The activities you contact your partner is online and chatting again and again. Everyday you just chat with your lover and maybe through webcame-you can see his/her face. It's quite informal relationships because many processes suppose you two should being and do it together already been cutted off. For example, you can't asked him/her to hang out/shopping with you, because he/she is far away from you. You need to wait you partner online then only you can chat with him/she... Emm, i think it's enough for the explaination of cyber love.

 From the two paragraphs before, it's already clearly differenciate out the differences of cyber love and reality love.

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