Tuesday, July 7, 2015

How to Meet Women in Nightclubs

Nightclubs are renowned as great places to meet women, but the thought of actually going over and speaking to an attractive stranger can turn even a normally confident man into a tongue-tied wreck. Most people show up to clubs in pairs or groups, making an approach seem even more nerve-racking. However, some simple guidelines can help you make a comfortable introduction to someone you want to meet in a nightclub.

Dress well, in clean, smart clothes that are appropriate to the club venue. Do not wear anything that you don't feel comfortable in, as this will detract from your confidence, but it is important to at least be clean and tidy, including your shoes.

Spend time in the club just relaxing and looking around for women you might like to talk to. Do this subtly and do not ogle every woman as soon as she enters the club. Do not get too drunk.

Make eye contact with the woman you are interested in, but do not stare. Stick to short flirty glances. If she consistently avoids your gaze, take this as a sign she is not interested in you. Find someone who will return your glances, even if just for a few seconds at a time and once you have caught her eye a couple of times, smile. If she returns your smile, you are in a good position to approach her.

Walk towards the woman you have exchanged smiles with and as you approach her, say hello. If she responds in a friendly manner, start to make conversation. Do not open with a compliment or offering to buy her a drink. Start with a comment about the club or music; since you are both in the same place, you immediately have that in common.

Give your opinions honestly, but remember that people respond better to positive than negative attitudes, so find something positive to talk about -- unless the music truly is diabolical, in which case make sure any negative comments are light-hearted. Quickly ask her opinion in return, showing you are interested in her and freeing you from having to make all the conversation.

Listen to her as she speaks. Attentiveness is attractive and appropriate responses will get the conversation flowing.

Pay her a compliment. It is important to make sure it is genuine and it will seem much more so a few minutes into conversation than as an opening line.

Carry on the conversation for a few minutes longer, then ask her if she would like a drink, which at this stage will show you are interested in her and want to spend more time with her.

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